Going Indie

… as in independent developer. Great blog posts and videos – I got the links from a Cocoaheads talk in San Francisco in 2009, during WWDC. I included the original bit.ly links so it would easy to remember (plus the original links just in case the Libyan government cancels the bit.ly domain – haha)

  1. Indie Ethos (video) by Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch [http://bit.ly/indie1] [original]
  2. How to become an independent programmer in just 1068 days by Gus Mueller of Flying Meat Inc. (maker of Acorn, an image editor) [http://bit.ly/indie2] [original]
  3. Indie Fever by Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software (maker of MarsEdit, blogging software) [http://bit.ly/indie3] [original]
  4. Indie Fever by Michiel van Meeteren for Sofa (maker of Versions, a SVN client) [http://bit.ly/indie4] [original]
  5. Apple to Indie by Buzz Andersen (maker of BirdFeed, now Brizzly – a Twitter client for the iPhone). Good insights on what goes on inside Apple by a former Apple Engineer’s perspective.
Author: shazron

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