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The International Logging DLSOnline Web Services ( provide advanced in-time data delivery and collaboration services for our clients, their partners and other authenticated users.  The system consists of a dynamic secure web portal that allows team members to view and publish documents as well as view live data from any well site data service utilizing a standard web browser.

For the graphical display of the real time logging data, International Logging turned to Savage Software to develop the International Logging DLS SVG graphics engine. This custom engineered Graphing engine, combined with International Logging's XML web services , generates real-time and historical graphical log formatted data available for viewing over a secure website.

Users are able to choose which wells and format the log to their liking using the log format editor, which is also web based.


Depth Log

Time Log

Savage Custom Engineering

“When we saw that SVG would be the best way to display our various graphing needs, we contacted Savage, as the experts in the area.” Said Barrett Boucher, Vice President Software for International Logging . “Working with the team, we created the specification for what we wanted our data logging to look like, and we have been very happy with the results. Now with just a browser, our logging data can be seen over a secure connection, anywhere in the world.”

“This project presented us with several challenges,” Said Scott Michaels, Idea Accelerator, Savage Software. “Logging data is quite complex in the multitude of ways in which it is expressed. Fortunately, the data itself as prepared by International Logging was excellent in both organization and totality. For this project we also married in on-the-fly drawing in the SVG of the real-time data, making this project one of the most advanced SVG graphing systems around today.”

For more information about International Logging, contact:

International Logging, Inc.
6550 W. Sam Houston N. Suite 250
Houston, TX 77041
Tel: +1 (713) 849-1800
Fax: +1 (713) 466-5182

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