Written by me, in the early 90s, and posted to a usenet newsgroup rec.arts.sf.starwars.

RLA = Raiders of the Lost Ark, TD = Temple of Doom, LC = Last Crusade

1) Start of Movie, get artifact, loses it

RLA → South American Idol
TD → Lao She's Ashes
LC → Cross of Coronado (although he got it back)

2) Takes a plane with/meets a woman

RLA → Marion in Nepal
TD → Willie in Shanghai
LC → Elsa in Venice

3) After/during plane trip, they are sabotaged/attacked, get info on mission/clue, sidetrack to new destination with large old building(s)

RLA → in Nepal attacked by Nazi henchman, get headpiece, go to Cairo
       to scope out buried city Tanis for the Ark
TD → pilots leave them with a fuelless plane in the mountains, land
       in Village get info about stolen children and Shankara stones,
       go to Pankot Palace to check out story
LC → attacked by members of the Cruciform Sword, get info about
       Grail on shield and info about Henry's whereabouts, go to
       Castle Brunwald in Austria

4) The woman he meets is captured at some point

RLA → Marion captured in Cairo market square
TD → Willie caught while watching Indy scope out the Stones
LC → In Castle Brunwald, Elsa taken hostage by Nazi stooge

5) Must have one showcase phobia-inducing animal

RLA → Snakes in Ark pit
TD → Cockroaches in cave tunnel
LC → Rats in knight's tomb

6) Showcase action scene with special vehicle with Indy w/jacket+hat

RLA → Truck containing the Ark scene where he goes under the truck
TD → Minecar scene where they escape Thuggees and water
LC → Tank scene where they fall over the cliff

7) After goal (artifact) is found, it kills the bad guy(s)

RLA → Nazis and Belloq die after opening the Ark
TD → on the bridge hanging over the cliff, Indy recites some words,
       Mola Ram dies trying to catch one of the flaming Shankara stones
LC → Donovan dies after drinking from the wrong Grail

8) Ending scene(s) must contain a cave

RLA → the island cave where the open the Ark
TD → Thuggee temple under the palace
LC → the Grail cave