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I currently reside in San Francisco, California.

I am a Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems Inc, and also serve as the Vice President of Apache Cordova (Project Management Committee Chair). I have eighteen years of software development experience. Previously to Adobe, I worked for both Nitobi and Atimi Software – and the work involved consulting for clients who are household names, and because of NDA reasons I am not allowed to divulge who they are. Suffice to say that I am extremely proud of the work I have done for my clients, and there is a very good chance that you might be using software that I have contributed to!

Publicly, I can say I’ve previously done work for Microsoft and O’Reilly.

See my photos on Flickr - alas I sold my SLR a couple of years ago, so hardly any new pictures lately.

I was born in Singapore - I migrated to British Columbia, Canada, when I became a teenager. I had the benefit of the best education systems in both countries. I was a student at Raffles Institution, Singapore’s renowned all-boys top secondary school, and I continued to ace my academic classes in British Columbia’s best high school and continued on to the renowned Computer Systems Technology program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and the Computer Science program at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

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