Maya Bay Panoramic Movie

Aug 29, 2004
1 minute

Maya Bay was a nice destination for my honeymoon on Phi Phi Island (it’s in Thailand, eh). Excellent snorkeling nearby in the other bays, but not at Maya Bay though. Extremely crowded! Got there by private boat (powered by a longtail prop). Of course, if you must know the bay has been popularized by the movie “The Beach” starring Leo DiCaprio.

I took the panoramic image that is the title image of this site, but I didn’t lock the exposure on some parts of the image, and some parts don’t blend well (I didn’t have a tripod handy). The panoramic image was created using the PhotoMerge feature in Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 2.0.

View the panoramic image as a Quicktime VR file (3.5 Megabytes).