Aug 30, 2004
1 minute

I recently updated my version control system to Subversion from CVS, and so far I’m loving Subversion. I hated the fact that I couldn’t rename files/directories in CVS without losing my history which made refactoring a pain. And you gotta love the branching/tagging in Subversion, which makes a lightweight “copy” of the current trunk. And atomic commits!

AnkhSVN’s integration with Visual Studio.NET is a time saver. I’ve used TortoiseCVS before, and TortoiseSVN is even better. Find out more at the Subversion site.

At work however, they are using Team Coherence from Quality Software Components. It has an integrated bug tracker system where you can link revisions to reported bugs and such, and is very user-friendly. Definitely easier to train management and the graphic designers in using Team Coherence than CVS or Subversion I feel. Subversion is not at that level (yet).

Here’s an interesting article: “The Top Ten Subversion Tips for CVS Users”.