Server crash, WordPress 2.0 Upgrade

Jan 04, 2006
2 minutes

Not only did I not have Internet access for the past few days, but it appears the hard drive of the machine my site is on has given up the ghost. It’s been over a day, and the backups have not been restored (I think the people at my webhost quit work at 5 ;) Anyways, they “encourage” users to restore their own backups, but err… I haven’t backed up my stuff for the past 9 months, yikes!

Thank God for Google cache! I can find all my old posts there and recreate them here again. And since I am on “overhaul” mode, might as well upgrade to WordPress version 2.0. I was not planning on doing an upgrade until later (mainly because I did not know if all the plugins I use would work with the upgrade), but now is a good time as any. Akismet (spam comment blocking) is built-in - and I am using it, I guess I don’t have to bother with the SpamKarma plugin. Although I don’t know why I need to create a blog at to just get an API key, can’t I just get an account without getting a blog in the process? This rich visual editing will take some getting used to also – it’s weird not seeing the usual tags and such. It is especially liberating to be able to increase the number of lines visible in the Post edit box, as well as seeing a Preview of your post, right on the same page. Slick.

Update Jan 05: Almost all posts recovered from Google cache, I decided to omit some of my old posts that I didn’t care for :) Now on to the other pages such as “About”, “Freeware”, et cetera…