Old fashioned tech

Dec 19, 2007
1 minute

Good old analog methods, just like they used to do! No “Hollywood” style guy in a manhole outside the target, “hacking” the alarm system, and the like. Sometimes being in this (almost) all digital world, the classic methods are more exciting – to write about, at least.

From the New York Times:

Armed with nothing more than a crow bar and a car jack, it took the culprits just three minutes to break into the Sao Paulo Museum of Art before dawn Thursday and steal Picasso’s “Portrait of Suzanne Bloch”, and Portinari’s “O Lavrador de Cafe.”

Not much of a barrier to entry:

Jumping over a glass partition, they climbed an open concrete staircase leading up to the entrance of the two-story modernist building, which hovers over a large plaza on stilts of steel.