On Blog Writing

Dec 17, 2007
2 minutes

As you can see, the last entry for this blog was about half a year ago. Of course the standard answer is “I’ve been too busy… bla … bla … bla…” but the truth is I have TONS of drafts just waiting to be published.

Why not publish them? It’s because I edit them too much. You see, if something is published, it is out there FOREVER (Internet Archive, Google Cache). So I tend to scrutinize my words incessantly. Well, from now on I’m just going to write at least one post EVERY day. It will take some discipline, but I’ve made the decision that it’s one way to improve my writing, and I love writing (besides software development of course).

Recently, I’ve rediscovered something about myself. I’m a builder. I love to create things – either software, or sentences. Besides writing software, what I wanted to be ever since I was young was to be a writer. Of course, I wanted to be both, if possible! And of course it’s possible. I’ve been a voracious consumer of books, and a daily reader of countless blogs, too much passive activity. So I’m taking action now not to be passive, but active. Hey, I only did two edits or so to this post. I think that’s progress.