Oct 10, 2005
2 minutes

Ruskin Park, a tiny space of land right in front of my house has been taken over by a film crew. There are trucks, trailers everywhere - including a couple of ambulances and police cars. I don’t know what movie they are filming, but they’ve been here for about a week (must be major), apparently filming at the Ruskin Dam which is about a couple of minutes walk from my place.

The police cars have the lettering “Burnaby Police” on the front doors, and are baby-blue in colour. We have a municipality here in BC that is called Burnaby, but I’ve never seen any municipality’s police cars in that colour before. So far, since I have lived here - this is the third time I’ve seen filming nearby. The first was “Taken”, a sci-fi mini-series I believe (I didn’t watch it). The second was a quick film (only a couple of days) that I did not know the name of - probably a local film, and the third is this new film. Before I moved here, a scene from the X-Files was shot here, which I think was the episode “Patient X” (Season 5) where a throng of people were moving across the top of Ruskin Dam (they kept the name of the location in the script). The Ruskin Dam is sure a magnet for filming I guess.

side note: The film “Lake Placid” was filmed on the top side of the dam, Hayward Lake.