My first (and second) Mac

Oct 05, 2005
2 minutes

I just bought my first Mac, a 12" iBook G4. Actually, its not for me - my wife needs a new laptop, her HP Pavilion is on the fritz, and she is swamped lately with freelance work. She has been vehemently anti-Mac before, she even had her whole department switch from all Macs (all 25 of them) to PCs when she was a Managing Editor at a major publishing house in Singapore. She wasn’t opposed to the iBook, since I got an extremely good deal from Atimi. Her “sour” experience stemmed from her first Mac experience using Mac OS 7, that was my first experience with Macs also. We both hated OS 7!

I had a chance to play with iLife, etc - and I really like iDVD. The whole suite seems extremely well done - although rendering menus/DVD image etc through iDVD is dog slow. I have tons of home video to edit and I can see myself using a Mac for this task. GarageBand is intriguing - I will need to dust off my guitar sometime.

I had already been introduced to OS 10.4 Tiger at work (I am a Windows developer in a sea of Mac developers). Mac OS has really come a long way I think. And I needed a new challenge - Cocoa programming. Next thing I knew - I bought a Mac Mini! A good starter system I think - what I am really waiting for are the Intel Powerbooks coming next year so I can dual-boot Windows (still my bread and butter) ;)