Vancouver tech companies being gobbled up left and right

Mar 25, 2005
1 minute

Yesterday came the announcement that Radical Entertainment (a Vancouver game programming company) has officially been acquired by Vivendi-Universal Games. It seems that all the smaller Vancouver game companies have been snapped up by bigger ones - Relic Entertainment (makers of Homeworld) was acquired by THQ Inc last year, and Rival Studios was acquired by RockStar Games (makers of Grand Theft Auto).

A few days ago, Apple Computer snapped up SchemaSoft, a Vancouver company that specializes in file format-conversions, and services. They are just a stone’s throw from my workplace, in Yaletown. A former co-worker works there, and I bet he’s pretty pumped up being an Apple employee, being a long-time Mac devotee and all.

Last week, Vancouver based was bought out by Yahoo. A few months ago, Creo was bought out by Kodak. Notice a trend? I wonder when the company I am working for will be bought out ;-P