AeroGarden, and other "Cool Tools"

Dec 22, 2007
2 minutes

No, it’s not a superband consisting of musicians from Aerosmith and Soundgarden, it’s Kevin Kelly’s site, Cool Tools. As its name implies, it is a treasure trove of cool gadgets that may or not be considered “techy” enough to be in Engadget. Here are some of the ones I like:

  • Aerogarden: Grow your own herb garden with just light, water, and some nutrient tablets (NO soil needed!). A con is that your electricity bill will increase (but of course that is expected, with the lights on the device needing to be on).
  • BookGem: Hold that book open and prop it up with this gadget. Perfect for people that like to read when they eat (myself included!)
  • Electrilite flashlight / radio / cell phone charger: Does not need batteries with its hand crank, and the bulbs are LED too (thus uses less power). It can charge your cell phone, and you can listen to the radio on it. Its small size is perfect compared to the other larger all-in-one emergency light/radio devices.
  • Rite in the Rain Notebooks: Considering Vancouver is wet all winter generally, this could prove useful. What is great is that they also offer waterproof paper, my cat has gone missing recently and it will be great to print out the “lost” posters on waterproof stock to post outdoors on lamp posts, and the like.