Apple Bluetooth Keyboard on the Playstation 3 (PS3)

Dec 28, 2007
1 minute

When I first purchased the Playstation 3, I had an old Apple Wireless Pro Keyboard (the all white one, not the new aluminum thin ones) that I thought I could put to good use during Internet browsing sessions. At first, I thought that maybe my batteries were weak when pairing with the Playstation 3, as it kept coming up with errors. Frustrated, I abandoned all hope of using the keyboard with the Playstation 3, and hooked up a USB one instead. It was quite annoying, being tethered by the USB cable a few feet from my TV instead of sitting further away relaxed on the sofa.

Lo and behold, with the Playstation 3 firmware update 2.00, my prayers were answered! The Apple Wireless Pro Keyboard works great now. Of course if I was to buy one now, I would get the updated version (Apple Wireless Keyboard Kit) of it.