Streaming media to your Playstation 3 (PS3)

Dec 28, 2007
1 minute

PS3 40GB Console with Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock Plus Free HDMI Cable and Power StationOk, so you have a computer with all your photos, videos, and audio that sits in your computer room. You have a Playstation 3 in your living room hooked up to your gorgeous 1080p LCD TV. How do you enable all this content to be played from your computer in the back room all the way in your living room? Through streaming of course.

If you have a Windows PC (I don’t anymore), you can just use Windows Media Player 11, it will be recognized by the Playstation 3 as a (DLNA) Media Server, and you can stream your photos, videos and audio easily. For the Mac, you will have to purchase or find a DLNA compatible server. I chose TwonkyVision’s TwonkyMedia. As of version, TwonkyMedia can serve DivX / Xvid files to the Playstation 3. Previously I will have had to convert my DivX files to h.264 using VisualHub (using the AppleTV profile), which took a long time. Note that to get DivX support, you will have to update your Playstation 3 to firmware version 2.10.