What's in my photo bag

Dec 28, 2007
2 minutes

Every DSLR photo hobbyist needs a camera bag. Are you really going to let your expensive equipment (not to mention all that glass) be tossed around in your daypack?

The Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home photography bag, costs about CAD$70 (about the same in USD, cheaper at Amazon dot com).

It’s a shoulder bag, it has one flap and two loops on each side that you can hook your tripod or other equipment with. When you open the flap, on the inside of the flap is storage (the flap inside is mesh), that I store my memory cards, spare batteries for the flash, pen, lens caps, and exposure card. On the bottom front of the bag is another flap secured by velcro, which I store the charger for my camera battery. In the main compartment, I can fit my Pentax K10D camera with Pentax 16-45mm lens attached, and there is room for another lens or a flash. I usually put my Pentax FA 50mm lens in there, but lately because of winter and the low-light conditions I have my Pentax AF360FGZ flash in there.

It’s a pretty compact bag, and you can get the Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home bag which is much more roomier, but that takes up more space. I find it is the right size for travelling around taking pictures, and even stuffing the whole thing into a larger backpack with my MacBook Pro laptop.